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Errebi provides a complete service to clients, from the preparation of samples to the design and printing of packaging and brochures, and can now also design and build exhibition stands.



The company

Giorgio and Antonio: experience from the past, innovation for the future

Giorgio and Antonio

Errebi was established in 1980 when two skilled industrialists got together to start up their own business: Antonio Ramella Gal and Giorgio Barbera.

With an growing share of the market, the company has now been in operation for over 30 years, offering services that include full-service mailing, including manufacture of cellophane wrapping and production of catalogues, brochures, magazines, newspapers, books and various publications, processing of customer addresses and insertion of advertising on stickers or personalised forms, insertion of gift items and merchandise and packaging items with customised printed film.

Errebi is also an active leader in the samples sector for the textiles and fashion industries, producing designs, prints and finishing for colour charts and sample books for fabric, leather and paper goods and derivatives. Errebi provides customers with high quality products and support for internal sampling processes during peak periods; accuracy and on-time delivery guaranteed.

At Errebi we are constantly alert to customer and market requirements and are now delighted to offer clients our brand new service of designing and constructing exhibition stands, displays and showrooms.

Errebi provides a complete service to clients, from preparation of samples to designing and printing final brochures and packaging, and can also design and build exhibition stands.

With our 60 staff members available to work on each project, Errebi directly manufactures everything the client needs to successfully promote their products, employing the basic principles that our company is known for: reliability, skill, courtesy, efficiency, quality of service and timely delivery.

Company directors

Giorgio Barbera

Giorgio Barbera, born on 18 May 1958, is one of the qualified industry experts who, along with his friend Antonio Ramella, set up a company called BA.RA.ZA in September 1980, which later became IM.FAC and finally ERRE-BI Cartotecnica in October 1983. Always interested in the practical aspect right from the start, he now manages the technical side of the business, overseeing equipment and production. Giorgio loves the mountains and is a keen hiker and skier.

Antonio Ramella Gal

Antonio Ramella Gal, born on 14 August 1958 (under the sign of Leo), is a qualified industry expert who set up the company with his friend Barbera at the age of 22. A founding partner in BA.RA.ZA, later IM.FAC and finally ERRE-BI Cartotecnica, he has always been interested in public relations and his specific role in the company today is taking care of customer and supplier relations and trade and financial aspects. He too is passionate about the mountains, and is keen on music and the theatre.

The great friendship and mutual respect between the company's two directors has been a major factor in facilitating the company's progressive growth over the years, in terms of both sales and turnover. The right blend of QUALITY AND QUANTITY has meant that the company has carved out a highly enviable sector of the market for itself. The long list of ERRE-BI client companies testifies to the level of professionalism and reliability that the company has brought to the market, unmatched for flexibility and the capacity to comply with the countless requests we receive from the companies we deal with.

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